Plank Fencing in Middle, TN

On many types of property, a rail fence system is essential. If you live in a rural area, defining your property lines is essential. Fencing helps define your property lines and can also mark your driveway, which can be important if your home is set back from the road. Plastic livestock fencing is also important if you own goats or horses.

The Value of Rural Fencing

If you live in a rustic area, you likely enjoy the benefits of a great deal of land and the beauty of the great outdoors. In many cases, your neighbors may be a good way away from you, making you wonder if fencing is really needed. Even in cases where you don’t have to worry about neighbors, there are several reasons you’ll want a good fence on your property.

Plank Fencing in Middle, TN

  • Not only does plank fencing offer limitations for large livestock, we can also modify to keep your small pets in and predators out. We offer a “wire back” to any plank fence configuration. Available in 36”-60” tall with 2 options in strength 2”x4” 14ga welded wire , or 2”x4” 12.5ga fixed knot.
  • You’ll want to have your property line clearly defined. Even though the nearest neighbors could be a mile down the road, somebody does own the land next to yours and you’ll want that line clearly defined.
  • If you have livestock or animals on your land, you’ll need to keep them in. A LangFence Rustic Post and Rail Fence System can do just that, with three and four rail models being sturdy enough to even work with horses.
  • You want to keep people off your land. Often it’s not criminal intent, but hunters can easily wander onto your property without proper fencing to let them know where to stop.
  • Finally, having fencing allows you to secure your property and clearly defines the area you have to work with, and can prevent issues like running off your driveway when coming home.

When You Need Rustic Fencing in Tennessee

At Langford Fence Company Inc., we have been helping customers just like you since 1955. Our Langfence rustic post and rail system is a one-of-a-kind product that can be used to border your driveway, clearly define (and protect) your property lines, and serve as a functional and attractive livestock containment system. Our fences are highly customizable and offer rail designs with one to four rails available to fit your needs. We can help you with your fencing needs and invite you to contact us today.