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Any home or business owner that is in search of the best fencing services in Franklin, TN would do well to contact Langford Fence Company Inc. as soon as possible. With their eye for detail and their willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done, clients from all over the Franklin area rely on us as fencing contractors for all of their business or residential needs. Just wait until you have had the chance to check out all of their awesome capabilities!

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Residential Fencing in Franklin, TN

Langford Fence Company Inc. has served as one of the top residential fencing providers in the state of Tennessee since 1955. Homeowners are able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are in the best possible hands. To make matters even better, there is no shortage of residential fencing options to choose from. This gives homeowners the chance to choose the style that works best for their needs, from wood to chain link to aluminum fences. All budgets and properties are considered. Now, let’s take a closer look at the plethora of options that are currently available:

Wood Fencing in Franklin, TN

“Lang” fencing is used for all of Langford’s wood fencing-based projects, and this has been the case for decades now. Lang fencing is manufactured in the state of Tennessee, providing residents of the Volunteer State with some of the finest craftsmanship that the fencing world has to offer. When it comes time to select the most durable full round rail fencing on the market today, Langford’s weed fencing is the way to go. Clients will enjoy a perfect installation, a rustic, classic style, and the sort of durability that cannot be matched anywhere else. These fences will stand for decades. Custom fencing, privacy, plank, and picket options are all available.

Steel and Aluminum Fencing in Franklin, TN

This is the top option for those who seek maximum durability. Steel and aluminum fencing is a great choice for anyone who resides in an area where long-term weather damage is a major concern. These fences also stand up well to concerns associated with age and/or vandalism. Various warranties are also available, ranging from 20-year warranties to lifetime guarantees, making this investment well worth the cost.

Vinyl Fencing in Franklin, TN

Those who are seeking fence construction without the usual screws and joints will typically opt for vinyl fencing. These fences look very clean, making them the perfect addition to any suburban property. Whether the client seeks top cap fencing or a smaller picket fence, vinyl is a great choice. Langford’s perfect installation leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

Chain Link Fencing in Franklin, TN

The affordability and durability that these fences have to offer are only matched by their utility. Those who have kids and pets to look after love these fences because of the increased visibility that they provide. Protection is still provided, while homeowners are still able to see as far as needed. The shape of the property is not an issue, as geometric fences are provided in all necessary shapes. Vinyl coated and galvanized finishes are both available.

Commercial Fencing in Franklin, TN

When prospective clients are in need of a commercial-grade fence, Langford Fence Company Inc. is the best company to call. Customers can rest easy, thanks to the decades of experience that these professionals have to offer with all commercial fencing-related concerns. Large-scale projects and properties of all types are handled. Tennessee’s residents can enjoy some of the strongest and most durable commercial privacy fences that the Franklin, TN region has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at the options we have to offer as fencing contractors in Franklin, TN:

Privacy Fencing in Franklin, TN

Businesses have a number of reasons to invest in privacy fencing, whether they are looking to close off an outdoor dining area or simply keep people out of areas that have been closed to the general public. With privacy fencing, it has never been easier to keep prying eyes at bay. Business owners will require anything from a small enclosure to a large-scale fence that covers the entire perimeter of the property. Wood, chain link, vinyl, and steel are among the available materials.

Agricultural Fencing in Franklin, TN

Farmers must be sure to keep their livestock safe. They are also in the business of ensuring continued protection for their crops. That’s where the magic of agricultural fencing comes into play. Thanks to the decades of experience that Langford’s experienced professionals have when it comes to collaborating with ranchers, farmers, and other agricultural operations, there is no shortage of problems that can be solved. Woven wire, barb wire, and plank fences are all on hand and ready to be installed.

Industrial Fencing in Franklin, TN

These fences serve as an initial line of defense, providing durable and sturdy protection for businesses of all kinds. Steel and aluminum are the materials that are primarily used for these fences. Langford’s team of professionals is also more than happy to install any additional gating that is needed. Access control installations can be easily handled as well.

New fencing we put up in Franklin, TN

Do you Need New Fencing in Franklin, TN?

While there are some home and business owners in the Franklin, TN region who could try to handle this installation on their own, it is best to entrust these processes to the pros. There is no reason to embark on the DIY path when these experts are on hand and more than happy to help. It does not matter if the client is looking for assistance with a residential or commercial fencing project, all of these projects can be taken care of at Langford.

Service is provided throughout the state of Tennessee, making it easy for any and all clients who seek the proper expertise. Problems are solved proactively so that the client is able to focus on the aspects of their home or business that are truly important to them. Life is filled with all sorts of unnecessary hassles but the process of finding new fencing does not have to be one of them. Contact us and call our fencing contractors for service in Franklin, TN at 931-296-3212 when you are ready to speak with the experienced Langford team about your specific needs. We also offer financing through Hearth!